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Our English-language assistant : Nigel

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Nigel presenting his country to a class of Terminale Euro students.

Nigel is a 25-year-old Kenyan, arrived in France after an 8-hour trip from Nairobi to Paris, last September, until the end of April 2023. He has two goals : improving his French level and learning new skills as a teacher. But since September, he also learned to get through his prejudices about French people : we firstly seem cold, unfriendly and strict about rules, but it’s just culture differences. Students have classes with him, during which we learn facts about Kenya and talk about ourselves, what we like, our projects… Indeed, he does that too, telling us for example that his favorite food is Chapati, a Kenyan specialty, or that he is a cyclist. By the way, we currently all want to visit Kenya, because of the Matatu, which are a kind of buses but with music, lights and videogames in them.

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