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The American Film Festival in Deauville

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On Friday, 9th September at 8 a.m we left high school with 1EURO, TEURO and TMS GRADES to go to Deauville for the American film festival.

At 9:25 a.m we arrived, we passed the security gates and we entered into the CID « centre international de Deauville ».

It was a big theater room, with confortable chairs.
The director introduced this movie and the film began. The title of the movie is « Emily the criminal », it’s a thriller crime movie, It lasted 95 minutes.
The film talks about how Emily must pay her university loans so she breaks the law to do It. In our opinion, It was a good movie.

The director came back on stage to answer the audience’s questions.
After, we went to the « planche de Deauville » to have lunch next to the beach with a view on the sea. It was sunny but windy.

We went to the casino to watch another film : « Palm trees and power lines ». It’s a drama movie about a girl under the influence of an older man. It was a good movie when we understand the message.

We crossed the city center, and saw many luxury shops and cars.

It was a good day, we enjoyed the festival and Deauville. The two films received an awards.

Written by the TBPMS section

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